Changing the way we perceive wine, innovating the tradition to make people worldwide experience the uniqueness of a paramount vineyard territory.

This is the mission of Tenuta Sant’Antonio, born in 1995 as the dream of the four Castagnedi brothers who, stemming from generations of winemakers, committed to crafting hallmark wines driven by research, experience and passion, giving a new, peculiar lifeblood to terroirs that enshrine historical milestones in the Venetian, Italian and global wine tradition: Valpolicella DOC and Soave DOC.

An ambitious entrepreneurial project that has always set rigorous quality as the essential backbone of the production, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation to foster sustainability, excellence and international recognition while guaranteeing the utmost expression of the winery’s identity in every bottle.

The Castagnedi Family Ecommerce Platform is active and dedicated to the Italian market. For information and details about our products for abroad markets complete the form.